Meet our family of schnitzels!

June 20, 2024

Indulge in our delectable family of schnitzels! Each one starts with a generous 300g tender chicken breast, crumbed with our special coating for a crispy perfection that is sure to delight your taste buds. Get ready to experience the ultimate schnitzel experience with our schnit-a-licious creations!
Don’t hold back, be adventurous and try them all. Whether you prefer the classic Chicken Parmigiana with sliced double smoked ham, Napoli sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese blend or the savoury Chicken Schnitz Boscaiola with bacon and mushrooms in a creamy sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese blend, we have something to gratify every palate.
For a taste of the tropics, dig into our Chicken Schnitz Aloha featuring Napoli sauce, diced double smoked ham, pineapple chunks, and melted mozzarella cheese blend, or savor the rich flavors of our Chicken Schnitz ABC (avocado, bacon, cheese) with Napoli sauce, sliced avocado, diced bacon, and melted mozzarella cheese blend.
And for the seafood enthusiasts, the Chicken Schnitz Garlic Prawns promises a delightful experience with sautéed prawns in a garlic cream sauce, all topped with a melty mozzarella cheese blend. They are served with your choice of mashed potato and veg or chips and salad for a complete, satisfying meal. So come on over and treat yourself to a delightful schnitzel journey that promises to tantalize your senses!