What a Range!

June 14, 2024

At the Workies, we take pride in offering the widest range of beers on tap in town. With 16 different options to choose from, including Craft Beers, Ginger Beer, Cider, Mainstream Beers, Mid-Strength Beers, and Light Beer, there’s something for everyone. Our cellarman Graeme ensures that our beers are always fresh and served cold, while Sharon is ready to serve you with a smile in a chilled glass. During Happy Hour, enjoy Craft Beers, Cider, and Ginger Beer for just $5.50, while Mainstream Beers are only $4.50.

Our Craft Beer selection includes popular choices like Balter XPA and Eazy Hazy, as well as Pirate Life South Coast Pale Ale and Stout. For those who prefer something lighter, we offer 4 Pines Pacific Ale as a mid-strength option. If you’re a fan of Cider, don’t miss out on Somersby Super Crisp, or try our Great Northern Ginger Beer for a refreshing twist. For those looking for Light Beer, we have Hahn Premium Light on tap.

In the Mainstream category, we have Great Northern Super Crisp and Original, as well as favorites like Victoria Bitter, Carlton Dry, Carlton Dry 3.5% as a mid-strength option, Reschs Draught, Tooheys Old, and Tooheys New. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just looking to unwind with a