Winners are Grinners at the Workies Bingo Queen Bees!

June 13, 2024

Join us at the Workies Bingo Queen Bees for a chance to win and have some fun! Kerry is adding more tablets for our busy days, so everyone can enjoy the game. And now, you can grab a coffee refill with a biscuit or Tim Tam for just $3 at the venue. Plus, pick up a Workies coffee thermos for $10 to keep your coffee warm while you play.

Come see Bianca in action, brewing up delicious coffee to keep you energized throughout the games. With bingo happening five days a week, including the classic Legs Eleven game, there’s always a reason to visit the Workies for some entertainment and excitement.

Our Bingo master callers, Nicole, Wendy, and Kerry, are eager to see you at the bingo sessions. Don’t forget to join us and buckle up your shoe for a great time with the community. So, come on over, tap into your lucky numbers, and enjoy the lively atmosphere at Workies Bingo Queen Bees!